"I always wanted to be like Evel Knievel. Now I sometimes walk with a cane. Be careful what you wish for!" — Will Wicken

Will Wicken — United States

Cyclejumpers.com has featured jumpers who are know world-wide, nationally, regionally and now locally. Introducing Will Wicken of Everett, Washington. A locally known jumper.

Will was an Evel Knievel fan ever since he could remember and he had the honor of seeing him in person around 1971 when Evel was on a promotional tour in Everett, Washington. Will was standing only about five feet from him as Evel showed off his bikes. Only a dedicated fan would understand the thrill in those days.

Will jumped tires and wheels with his bicycle until he got his first jumping bike. It was a Cat 300X mini bike that he got for his birthday in 1968. He later cleared seven tires and wheels in a row with it. Around 1972, he started jumping over his friends who would lay on ground side-by-side. His record was seventeen people and a dog that ran across at the last second. One friend who was last in line, felt his rear tire grab his shirt. Fortunately, Will never had a serious accident while jumping people.

By 1973, he could wheelie a mile sitting or standing on his seat. He sometimes did four person wheelies short distances of 400-500 feet. He never once used a helmet or a landing ramp. Will said he did that because he then knew he was doing something that Evel wasn't doing.

During 800 plus jumps (100ft minimum), he only sprained his feet and hands and broke a few bones. Will once jumped three school buses parked side-by-side. He snuck his ramp in the night before and jumped the next day to make a security guard at his school mad. Will believes that's when he hurt his back for good.

Recently Will has been inspired to maybe make one more jump before he's too old. If you like to contact Will, you can reach him at his email address: willwicken@hotmail.com.


1982— In this car jumping photo, this was his second jump of the day. His distance was that of a ten car jump. He hasn't jumped since 1982. He was known as "Crazy Will (Wheelie) Wicken". He also has cleared seven cars and landed at 132 1/2 feet.

Will's 17 person jump.

1968 — Will's daredevil bug has bit him. Here he is clearing some tires on his bicycle.