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Trigger Gumm — United States

Trigger Gumm hailed from San Clemente, California. Trigger Gumm once held the record for the longest motorcycle jump at 277 1/2 feet in 2005. He also was the last motorcycle jumper to jump before Evel Knievel at Knievel Days. Trigger passed away June 24, 2002. RIP Trigger.

Below is a photo essay by Kevin Harrington of the events and jumps leading up to Trigger's attempt to break the world record for the longest jump back in 2006. Trigger went o the Buffalo Run Casino attempting to break the 310ft 4 inch mark which was the record by 2006. After many jumps increasing the distance to work his way up to the record, he hit the launch ramp at 90 miles an hour, sailed about 70 feet high, then landed on a dirt ramp where he lost control and crashed. He spent the night in the hospital and was diagnosed with two fractured vertebrae, one in his lower back and one in his neck.

Photos: Kevin Harrington. Permission to use on Cyclejumpers by Kevin and Trigger Gumm. Thank you both.

Below: Trigger Gumm's ramp-to-dirt ramp / all out distance world record motorcycle jump attempt. July 23, 2006








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Trigger at Knievel Days 2007

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