Tom Bryan — United States

Tom Bryan hails from New Jersey and has been involved with motorcycles his whole life. As a child, his father bought him a mini-bike before he even got a bicycle. Tom went on to race motor cross and in the 80's, drag racing motorcycles. Tom then made the transition into the motorcycle jumping business. He used his experience as a martial arts expert and a motocross racer to help him prepare and perform each of his stunts. Tom is inspired by many of today's stunt riders like Bubba Blackwell and Robbie Knievel, but has the most admiration for Evel Knievel. Tom has had the pleasure of meeting Evel on several occasions. Tom even owns a limited edition Evel Knievel Signature Series California Motorcycle.

Today Tom has stepped away from the cycle jumping business to concentrate on his very successful martial arts studio. Tom has Black Belts in Bushido Kempo, American Kempo, Tae Kwon Do and Ju-Jitsu. Here's a link to Tom Bryan Karate.

Left: This is what made Tom Bryan a top motorcycle performer. He has custom ramps specifically built for his shows as well as leathers and bikes. Tom prides himself in giving the audience a complete top notch performance. Right: Tom celebrating after his successful leap over 10 cars on June 10, 2000.

Left: A shot of Tom's two CR 500s that are specifically modified for motorcycle jumping. Right: Tom flying high in the air over a long line of vehicles.

10 Volkswagen Jettas — June 6, 2010

10 Semi-trucks — September 29, 2001

Here's Tom flying his bike over 10 semi trucks on September 29, 2001. All the proceeds from the shows went to the New York City Police & Fire Widow's and Children's Fund.

Three NAPA Pickup Trucks — September 30, 2000

Tom Bryan jumping tandem over three NAPA pickup trucks end-to-end during a "live" television telecast. This jump took place September 30, 2000 in Hartford, Connecticut.

Left: Jumping a school bus lengthwise. Right: Tandem jumping two trucks end-to-end on June 11, 2000.

Left: Tom taking off! Right: Tom and Tommy Jr. after a performance.


Thanks to Tom Bryan for the information and use of the photos!