Rinse Zwalua — The Netherlands

Rinse Zwalua is originally from Amsterdam, Netherlands and is the team leader of the stunt team "Daring Dantes". Years ago Rinse did several jumps he called "Catch & Carry" (see photos below) in which he jumped into a fast moving truck. As you well know this stunt is all about timing and teamwork.

Over ten years ago Rinse had a very serious accident trying to jump a lake in Holland. After that he just got too scared to make any jumps that meant something. His college and fellow team member Ronald Boekhout was doing some pretty good jumping so Rinse signed him up to appear on Cycle Jumpers.

On April 30, 2005, Rinse finally made his very first ramp-to-ramp jump over a truck lengthwise and now has performed many other motorcycle and car stunts since then.

Special thanks to Rinse Zwalua for the photos and information