Mr. Lyuc, Cing-an was born in 1944 in Chia-yi, Taiwan. He started his motorcycle career when he formed – with his older brother – the motorcycle team called, "ReiHo Cycling Racing Skill Team. He also was the first person to ride a motorcycle around the island of Taiwan in 27 hours.

His career highlight came in 1993 when he successfully jumped his motorcycle over 14 buses. He devoted his whole life to performing motorcycle stunts, but died in a tragic motorcycle accident while riding his bike near his home in 2011.

Before 1980, Taiwan had poor broadcasting communications, especially to the English speaking world, therefore it was rare that people outside of Taiwan knew of this legendary motorcycle jumper. Cyclejumpers is proud to be able to share to the world another great Cycle Jumper of the World!

Special thanks to Irene Chiang from Taiwan for the biography and photos.