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15 Cars, Bolton Park — 1991

20 Cars, Bolton Park — 2000

Helicopter, Monte Cristo Homestead — 2016

Train Engine, Rhythm 'n' Rail Festival — 2016

Harley-Davidson XR 750 Train Engine Jump,

Rhythm'n' Rail Event — March 12, 2016

For the 2016 Rhythm 'n' Rail Festival in Junee, Australia, Lawrence Legend decided to jump his XR 750 over a train engine lengthwise. The take-off was successful, but upon a very hard landing, Lawrence loss control of the bike and subsequently crashed. Good news, Lawrence only suffered some bumps and bruises and is already planning his next jump.

Clearing the train engine and getting ready for a hard landing!

The force of the hard landing made Lawrence loose his grip.

All photos courtesy of Lawrence Legend 2016.