15 Cars, Bolton Park — 1991

20 Cars, Bolton Park — 2000

Helicopter, Monte Cristo Homestead — 2016

Train Engine, Rhythm 'n' Rail Festival — 2016


Lawrence Legend - Australia

Lawrence Legend hails from the small rural town of Junee, New South Wales and is Australia's top motorcycle stunt performer with many World and Australian records to his name.

Lawrence is the third generation of motorcycle stunt performers in his family with two great uncles on his mother's side riding in the Army Motorcycle Stunt Team and a grandfather on his father's side riding in the Globe of Death and Wall of Death. Lawrence started jumping on his BMX bike and billy cart like most kids, before getting his first second hand motorcycle and then chasing his dreams. He has been stunt riding for many years and made his first leap over his mother's car at the age of 14 and has not looked back since.

With today's technology and safety equipment, Lawrence is taking stunt work to new heights with a series of heart stopping stunts in the near future.

All the years of record breaking jumps has not come without a price. To date Lawrence has broken his ankle, fractured his back, ruptured his kidneys, torn tendons, cut his neck open and has thousands of grazes and bruises.

Lawrence Legend has been trained by some of the world's best stunt people and has practiced for many hours. It would be foolish to copy any of the stunts that Lawrence performs.

Career Highlights

Jumped 15 semi-trucks Jumped 10 buses, one handed 121 foot tunnel of fire (with no fire suit) Leaped over a flying aircraft with the widest wingspan of any aircraft jumped Jumped 11 cars blindfolded Successfully jumped 20 cars! Holds the tunnel of fire record of 151 feet Jumped a double-decker bus over 38 motorcycles! Lawrence has jumped everything from trains, cars, trucks, carriages and even buildings! Now jumping Harley-Davidson xr 750s!

Lawrence Legend got a surprise visit from Seth Enslow this past October 2013.