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Ken Mackow — United States

Ken Mackow is more than just a motorcycle jumper, he's a motorcycle thrill show all wrapped up in one person. Born February 24, 1953 and passed away February 18, 2012.

Back in the 70's, Ken was considered the "King of the Racetrack Thrill Seekers". Beside jumping motorcycle long distances ramp-to-ramp, like he did November 10, 1974 (173 ft 9 inches). He is also known for other daredevil feats.

He's the "King of the Power slide" and has also been in the Guinness Book of World Records for riding his motorcycle through the longest tunnel of fire. In recent years he has toured with the "Hell Drivers" stunt team.

Left: Ken taking off with Jim McDermott following. Right: Ken (left ramp) performing with Jim McDermott and other motorcycle stunt riders during the 1970's.

Ken's 173 ft. 9 inch ramp-to-ramp jump.

Left: Wearing steel plates on his shoes, Ken slides at 75 mph! Right: Riding backwards.

July 23, 1972: At the Lakeland International Raceway near Memphis, Tennessee, Bob jumped 130 ft., but upon landing his front wheel collapsed and his slid 125 more feet on the pavement.

May 10, 1973: Bob jumped the Ryder Rent-a-Truck fleet for a television commercial which aired during Super Bowl VIII on January 13, 1974.

Ken Mackow jumping in one of the many CBS televised jumping competitions.

The many phases of Ken Mackow!

Left: Jumping over a line of cars. Right: Riding a 4 1/2 mile wheelie.

Thanks Ken Mackow for the of these photos!