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Matt Coulter "The Kangaroo Kid"— Australia

Matt Coulter "The Kangaroo Kid" is from Lockyer Valley, Queensland, Australia. Matt started riding motorcycles when he was 3. When he was 7, he started racing a Honda Z-50 mini-bike. He raced two wheel motocross bikes until he was 16, then he started racing quad. Matt finally quit racing to pursue a career as a quad jumper.

The above photo is of Matt on his 2015 tour. 2015 brought the arrival of Matt's friend Paul Hannam, to bring a new show to the UK circuit.

He has completed over 2,000 jumps and has had two major crashes and three minor ones. One of his favorite jumps was his jump over a F4 Phantom jet fighter. The length of the jump was 120 feet from takeoff to the ground. He's also jumped over 14 trucks (setting a world record).

He's longest and highest jump was over a paddlewheel steamer at the Retallack Adventure Park in Cornwall, England. On his first attempt, the boat floated a little sideways while he was getting his YZ 250 up to jump speed and he clipped the smoke stack and crashed. He tried the jump again on another date and this time he had a longer, higher ramp and a faster takeoff speed. He looped and had to bail out before he landed. He dislocated his left knee and damaged some nerves which caused a limited paralysis of his left leg and foot. He reached a height of 50 feet and cleared a distance of 210 feet.

He has also jumped 46 meters over a line of 20 taxis. On August 14, 1995, he broke his own record by jumping over 12 cars.

After taking a few years off, Matt is back peforming and with a knee replacement in February 2015, he now says he feels better than ever. Today the "Kangaroo Kid" lives in Australia and travels all over the world performing his thrill shows.

Lawrence Legend and The Kangaroo Kid two Austalian daredevils.