"Super Joe" Reed — United States

"Super Joe" Reed began his motorcycle career as a teen motor cross racer. He then decided to try his hand a motorcycle stunts and hasn't turned back. He's been jumping since the 1980's. He's jumped everything from three active helicopters to building-to-building jumps in Vegas. Joe has even jumped blindfolded! Enjoy "Super Joe's" section on Cycle Jumpers!

The above and below shots are of Joe as the "Bandit" and the "Guardian" jumping building-to-building in Downtown Las Vegas in 1988.

Left: Jumping blindfolded in 1996. Right: Jumping three spinning blades of three helicopters in 1983.

An earth ramp-to-earth ramp jump over the the whirling blades of four "Ritter" fans!

Left: "Super Joe" and Jumpin' Jamie Pamintuan. Right: Joe and "Holeshot Heidi" Henry jumping over a flying helicopter. No one else has attempted this stunt. "Super Joe", Jamie and Heidi performed five motorcycle "combination" jumps...all in less than 22 minutes.

Joe's latest video, "Dared the Devil... Disciples of Evel" is available at Best Buy stores, Netflicks.com as well as Ebay. You can also order through Joe's site Superstunts.us.


1990's - Present