Jim McDermott — United States

Jim "The Flying Irishman" McDermott was a motorcycle jumper who was very popular in the 1970's. He jumped throughout the country and also appeared in televised jump-offs. He performed with such jumpers as Bob Duffy, Gary Wells, Rex Blackwell, Jim Avery and Ken Mackow.

Left: This photo is courtesy of Ken Mackow. It features the thrill show that Jim McDermott toured with. On the left ramp is Ken Mackow, the two ground crew members are Dave Fromelt and Ken Dugan. The guy with the blue leathers on the other ramp is Dan Heater. In the back with the orange leathers is Jim Avery and Jim McDermott is in the white, farthest right. This shot was taken in Davenport, Iowa in 1976. Right: This photo is courtesy of Jim Avery. It features Jim McDermott jumping in the Houston Astrodome over 17 cars.

The above shots are of Jim jumping ramp-to-ramp through rings of fire.

Jim made a one wheel landing during the World Championship Motorcycle Jump-off which took place in the Houston Astrodome. McDermott got injured while preparing for the jump and had to drop out of the competition. The results of the jump-off was that Gary Wells tied for first with Rex Blackwell who both cleared 19 cars. They both went on to jump 21 cars, but Rex scored more points on the jump, 9.9 to 9.2. Rex took home $27,000 and Wells $17,000. The above photos were taken by Bela Urgrin.

Jim jumped 6 or 7 cars many times while standing on the seat of his motorcycle.

Ken Mackow jumping with Jim McDermott. (Photo from Ken)

Special thanks to Jim Avery who supplied most of these photos of Jim and info about his career!