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Jason Rennie — United Kingdom

Welch daredevil, Jason Rennie, didn't get his first motorbike till he was 12 years old. It was a CZ 175 that was so big he had to climb on the wall to get on it. From then on, motorbikes have been a huge part of his life. Jason rode motorcycle trials for two years and won quite a few trophies then when he turned 16, he started to race motor cross and he won his first ever motor cross race. From that day on Jason realized that motor cross racing was definitely for him.

Over the next 7 years he went on to race at the national level all over the United Kingdom and he is very proud to say he has been on the start line next to some of the world's finest moto x riders: Dave Thorpe multi-world Champion, Kurt Nicol, Paul Malin, Jamie Dobb World Champion, etc.

In 1993 after 7 years at moto x, Jason retired from the sport to concentrate on getting a house with his then girlfriend. We chose to build one instead of just buy one and 12 months later, they had built a lovely house. But 2 years later, their relationship came to an end after 9 years and they went their separate ways. For the next few years, Jason's life went on fast forward. He had a short spell at amateur boxing, went to Florida in the United States and was into body building. He even started dating one of America's most famous female American Gladiators JAZZ. Jason even starred on the show one night as the ''British Bulldog".

After a few months in America, Jason returned home to the UK to take up rally car driving which he did for a couple of years. But that turned out to be really expensive hobby so he decided to pack that up. One day he would love to go back to rallying. He also built a second house and met his partner of the last 10 1/2 years during this very busy time in his life. So now its 1999 and after a bout 7 years away from moto x and playing with dirt bikes, Jason decided he wanted to see how far he could jump a motorcycle.

So Rennie and some of his closest friends spent the next four months building some mobile ramps. February 20, 2000, they hired an airfield to try out the new ramps and it all went great until Jason decided to change the gearing on the bike. He was up to 214 ft. over a 192 ft. gap. On the next jump with the different gearing he came up short and crashed breaking his left humorous bone in to three pieces. He believed it was God's way of telling him to treat this sport with a little more respect. And now he does. Five months later and all healed up, he went for the ramp-to-ramp record (at that time) and to break the 253 ft. mark. That was the start of his jumping career. He also got back in to the moto x racing in 2001 which has taken him all over Europe. But most of all, he would just like to give a big thanks to his family, his team and all his friends for supporting him in all he has done over the years. Without all the positivity and support from all these people over the years, he would have never had the confidence to step out and chase his dreams. He thanks you all deeply.

A World Record Distance Jump – Donnington Park, UK

On July 9, 2000 at Donnington Park in the UK, Jason Rennie broke the world ramp-to-ramp distance record at that time. The record was held since 1991 by America's Doug Danger. Jason used a stock Yamaha YZ 250 and made a total of 12 jumps. Even though it was raining throughout the day, that didn't seem to get in his way. He kept on Jumping with complete control and ease.

He started with the two ramps at 160 ft. apart with one truck in the middle, then pushed the takeoff ramp back until the gap was 220 ft. The crowd roared as he made his second to last jump at the 250 ft. mark. His final jump was officially recorded at 253 ft. and was recorded by the Guinness Book of World Records officials. He broke the record by just two feet.

Special thanks to Lee Sobol for covering the jump for

On February 2, 2006, Jason Shattered the bicycle jumping record by leaping his bicycle 133 ft. 6 inches over a 106 ft. ramp gap. The previous record was held by Colon Winkleman who jumped 116 ft. Jason used a Kona downhill mountain bike for the record jump. The crazy part was the towing speed, 83 mph at the point where he detached from the motorcycle on a loose gravel road. The jump took place at the Landegla Mountain Bike Center in North Wales. Jason's team mate Jim McBain pulled Jason with a motocross bike.

(Thank you Jason for the photos. Bicycle jump photography: Ben Gaby Paligap LTD)