John "Golly" Goddard

Above: John jumping 16 double decker buses circa 1983. The jump took place at the Chester Race Course in England. The distance over the buses was 132ft!

Top Left Photo: John jumping people was taken around August of 1982.

When John Goddard was 22 years old, he cleared 16 double-decker buses with room to spare as 4,000 fans looked on. His jump smashed the current record at that time of 14 buses that was held by UK's Eddie Kidd. Originally he only planned on jumping 15, but with good weather and his bike running good in practice, he decided to add another one.

John "Golly" Goddard jumping 15 Trucks

John "Golly" Goddard jumps over his team mates (Magnificent 7 Stunt Team) of which he was a member. John also going through 25 walls of fire. Both photos are circa 1982.

Special thanks to Lee Sobol for the pictures and information