Kevin "GSTAR" Glickstar — United States

Born: Cleveland, Ohio
Raised: Detroit, Michigan
Current City: Miami, Florida

Jumping Colors: Black with flames/stars
Current Jump Bike: 2011 Yamaha YZ450f

Influences (past): Evel Knievel, Ken Mackow & Bob Gill
Influences (present): Crusty Demons, Robbie Maddison & Henry "The Pitbull" Rife
Theory on Life and Distance word: SWAGGER!! If you don't know what I'm talking about, chances are you don't have it!!

Stunt/Racing lineage: Father, Bobby Glickstar is a former professional snowmobile racer and snowmobile distance jumper with Team Polaris during the 1970's. He is a two- time Michigan State Champion snowmobile racer. In 1977, after leaving Team Polaris, he set the world snowmobile speed record on a stock/unaltered Arctic Cat El Tigre, reaching 104 mph on an open air landing strip in Mio, Michigan. The record held for 12 years.

How it all began for GSTAR: When Kevin was about 10 years old, his father took him to the Pontiac Silverdome just outside Detroit, Michigan to watch a motorcycle exhibition and tractor pull. His father, a foot surgeon, was one of only a few surgeons doing a stabilization procedure on the ankle for people with many breaks. So, they had been asked to come into the tunnel at the dome so his father could examine this man.

Kevin was always crazy about this man and when he met him, he felt like he met the President of the United States. This man was larger than life itself. He got off his bike, dropped down to Kevin's level, gave him a big hug and asked him if he had a dirt bike yet. Kevin lowered his head and said his dad won't let him. This man said, "I take it you want one then, are you doing good in school?" Kevin said" yes". The man said let me talk to dad!! Then Kevin's father and this man went into the trainer room. His dad came out shortly after and they left. That man never had the procedure and told his father his back was a bigger problem. That man was EVEL KNIEVEL!! Two weeks later Kevin came home to a dirt bike and to this day does not know what EVEL said to his dad!!! But, the madness began. He was glued to this machine!! And, he owes his life to EVEL KNIEVEL!!

Competition History: (Amateur)
High School - Michigan Motocross Amateur Junior Division (4 years, 1988 State Champion)
College - Midwest Tri-State Amateur Motocross Division 1A (Michigan, Indiana, Ohio) (4 Years - 1990 Summer Series Champion)

Competition History: (Professional)
THE DEAL: Kevin qualified for the Professional FMX Nationwide Series in the summer of 1993 at the FMX Open held in Indianapolis, Indiana. His father wanted him to go to law school. He made a deal that if his Dad helped him to get started and obtain sponsorship and endorsements, he would compete as long as he could and then go to law school. DONE DEAL!! So, the next 4 years he competed with the top FMX pros in the world. Kevin was always better known for his distance and height rather than radical maneuvers, so he received Honors Recognition for Distance Jumping, but there were no FMX championships. He rode with Team Honda and competed in 10 to 14 minute track demos and later on the 60 foot dirt ramp jump. After 4 years, He came down on a bump a little short and shattered his left hip. This was the end of his career as he knew it. He held his end of the deal and went to law school.

Present: After about a decade of law practice, GLICKSTAR Entertainment, LLC, a practice dedicated to representation and negotiation of basic contract sponsorship and endorsement for new and existing riders of MX, FMX and Supercross (which is a labor of love and keeps him in the loop of the industry), his hip feels good and he never stopped riding and he began training in 2010 to put together a cycle distance jumping career. Kevin doesn't ever want to look back and say what could have been. So, for 2011, he has come up with a great team named appropriately TEAM GLICKSTAR!! He has some of the best talent on his team in the world. TEAM GLICKSTAR consists of:

3. UNCLE MIKEY AKA 10w40 - CREW CHIEF/LEAD ENGINEER (Currently with GM, Detroit, Michigan)

The year is looking fantastic with planned jumps of 3 bodies of water starting with The Miami River and ending with the big show, the Detroit River. The take off will be in the U.S. and landing in Canada!! NEVER BEEN ATTEMPTED!! Each water jump will get bigger as they progress. The Miami River Jump is already surveyed at 150 feet! Dates to be announced. Kevin will be jumping in between to stay sharp at various events. He feels revitalized and reborn. The child that EVEL KNIEVEL hugged is still within him and coupled with the experience and talent, it's going to be a fun year or more!!!! A portion of everything he does will be donated to Children's charities and The Pulmonary Fibrosis Foundation!! We are looking forward to seeing photos from his first public jump.

Left: Double jump with Kenny Yoho!


Best official distance jump - Anaheim FMX Open, Anaheim, CA - 212 feet (dirt ramp to ground)

GSTAR IN A NUTSHELL: One thing GLICKSTAR has learned in his travels, if you understand what it is that he does and why, then no explanation is necessary. However, on the contrary, if you don't understand, then no explanation that he could give you will ever do!! GLICKSTAR has no problem walking alone!! GLICKSTAR!!