Middle, Ohio Jump – 1980

Gene "Sully" Sullivan - United States

Motorcycle jumper Gene Sullivan was born in San Francisco, California August 29, 1947. He grew up in Colorado. After he graduated from high school, Gene entered the Navy and served on the aircraft carrier Hancock. While in the Navy, he became the 7th Fleet's heavyweight boxing champion.

After the Navy, Gene was back in San Francisco. In 1969, he met Evel Knievel through Gene's father who was a Sports writer at the time. Gene ended up quitting his job to go on the road with Evel as his body guard and crew member. Gene was very loyal to Evel in the good times and the bad times while on tour. After a few years, Gene decided to leave Evel and go out on his own.

Left: Evel and Gene at the Cow Palace giving away a bicycle. Middle/Right: Gene crashing through walls of fire in the 70's.

One day Gene was invited to a Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship breakfast. It was here that God brought Gene to the end of himself; Gene saw the vanity of life, his life without Jesus. Gene put his trust in Christ that day and his life was forever changed! Gene turned from the life he was leaded and dedicated his life to Christ. For the next few years Gene left the fame and fortune of the stunt business.

Above Photos: Gene's last jump for the 2005 tour.

In 1978, the Lord called Gene back into the motorcycle stunt business by using his skills to share the good news with the lost. This was the beginning of the Jump for Jesus ministry that has been going strong ever since. To read more about Gene and his testimony, visit

Worland, Wyoming Jump and Outreach 2010

Left: Crashing through a wall of fire on the landing ramp. Right: Gene demonstrating his record setting wheelie skills for the San Francisco Examiner in 1971. Gene was promoting "Cycle Circus" at the Cow Palace which featured Gene and stunt legends Bob Gill and "Super Joe" Einhorn.

Gene Sullivan's World Record "Hydra Cycle Premier" jump. Gene jumped 180 ft. with his ski equipped Triumph 500 into Argile Lake, Sacramento, California on September 3, 1972.

The 2010 "Jump for Jesus" Crew!

Left: Dan Sullivan (Gene's son), Lawrence Legend and Gene at Robbie Knievel's Grand Canyon jump in 1999. (Photo courtesy of Lawrence Legend) Right: Landing at one of Gene's ministry outreaches.

Left: Gene, Bob Gill and John of Cyclejumpers having dinner after Gene's television interview in California 2008. Right: The 2010 40th anniversary tour poster.

Photo: Advertisement for Jump for Jesus 2010. All photos courtesy of Ceci and Gene Sullivan. Thanks for all you help!