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Caesars Palace
— 1980

Australia — 1980

The Fountains of Caesars Palace – September 15, 1980

On September 15, 1980, Gary Wells attempted to leap across the fountains of Caesars Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada. The sign outside the hotel stated "Today! Gary Wells jumps Caesars Palace Fountains." And Gary was ready. He was all decked out in his famous red tuxedo and bow tie. It was an easy distance for Wells, especially since a few months earlier he had flown the farthest he had ever jumped while touring in Australia. But there is something about Caesars Palace that makes this a very risky jump.

Wells gunned his motorcycle up the ramp, sailed over the fountains, but crashed on his descent. He just missed the side of the landing ramp. This sent him straight into a cement wall that led into the parking structure. Gary suffered a ruptured aorta and fractures of the pelvis, thigh and lower leg. But this didn't stop Gary. Within five months of this near fatal/career ending accident, he was back on his motorcycle jumping again!




Suit used for jump.