Todd Freeland AKA "Rocky the Rooster" — United States

Todd Freeland started jumping motorcycles in 1987. He had a handful of shows and met a few promoters. During this time Todd met with a promoter that operated a monster truck show that toured the northwestern United States. The promoter liked his stunts but suggested that if he could do more on the lines of entertaining the audience he would have a better chance at a contract. So Todd came up with the Rocky Mountain Rooster idea to get the audience into it.

It worked like a charm. He would come out wheeling and go up the ramp and scope it, then try to get out of the facility...and hide in the crowd...the emcee would then make him go back to his bike and persuade him he had to jump as not to let the people down. The PA would start playing "It's my party and I'll cry if I want to". He would call Todd "chicken"! Todd then would faint...the emcee would then get the crowd chanting "Rocky jump, Rocky jump" once the crowd was respectfully into it, the theme to ABC's Wide World of Sports would play on the PA.

Todd would then get up to the theme from "Rocky"; the movie and jump 13 to 17 cars! Todd personally didn't care for the chicken suit, but he put so much time in it, he had to see it through. The chicken head was made from a Bell MOTO #3. The beak was where he looked through.

The kids absolutely loved it. Todd admitted it was very entertaining and thrilling to watch. You laughed and then held your breath. The promoters loved it and Todd negotiated more $ for the next year's shows. Todd only did the Rocky thing for a year until he crashed...not good when a stunt guy bails even worse when a beloved chicken bounces off the speedway @ 70 mile per hour. The drag on the head was insignificant at the speeds Todd was jumping ... it was a little top heavy, however.

Thanks to Todd Freeland for the use of these photos and biography!