"Flyin" Ryan Griffiths — United Kingdom

Flyin Ryan Griffiths of Kettering Northhamptonsire, UK started riding a motorcycle in 1975 at the of 3 years. In 1980 he started racing with local schoolboy motocross clubs and won the first of many championships. Throughout the next 18 years Ryan raced almost every weekend picking up many race wins and championship victories along the way, and this soon earned him the nickname "Flyin Ryan" with the off road press.

In 1998 after 6 Adult South Midland Championship titles and hundreds of race victories Ryan was looking for a new direction and Flyin Ryan the Entertainer was born.

In 1999, Flyin Ryan started performing with some of the country's most experienced stunt teams and since then has performed his motorcycle skills all over the United Kingdom at many varied events and shows.

In 2000 Ryan started to perform his favourite stunts altogether in a motorcycle stunt show of his own. Since then he has added humour, style and on bike commentary to his list of acclaimed stunts and now performs a show like no other entertainer in the UK.

In 2004 Ryan attempted to break the ramp-to-flatland world record jump of 194 ft which resulted in a spectacular crash. (See photos below) He's coming back in 2009 to attempt to break the record again!

However. Ryan has not forsaken his off road roots and still races at selected events in the UK. Such as the Weston Supermare Beach Race and the Wild 'n' Woolly scramble on Boxing Day.

The above two photos are of Ryan's failed record attempt at Donnington Park in October 2004. He tried to break the longest ramp-to-flatland jump ever on a motorcycle. The current world record at that time was held by Eddie Kidd at 194 ft. Ryan's attempt ended badly, with a huge crash and two broken ankles and a broken jaw. Thanks Ryan for the use of the above two photos!

Special thanks to Rebecca Griffiths forth the use of these photos and for supplying Flyin Ryan's bio.

Ryan's MX Fact File

1980 Started racing NSMXC Cadet Champion
1982 NSMXC & KDSSC Junior Champion
1983 KDSSC Junior Champion
1984 NSMXC & KDSSC Inter 80 Champion
1985 NSMXC Inter 80 Champion Leicestershire Grand National Champion
1986 NSMXC Inter Open Champion 2nd in the ACU National League
1987 KDSSC Senior Champion
1988 NSMXC & KDSSC Expert Champion
1989 KDSSC Expert Champion
1989 Made Adult Expert August

1990 3rd South Midland Championship
1991 South Midland Champion
1992 South Midland Champion
1995 Wild and Woolly Scramble winner
1996 South Midland Champion Wild and Woolly Scramble winner
1997 South Midland Champion Luton club Champion Oxfordshire
Grand National Champion
1998 South Midland Champion Luton club Champion
1999 South Midland Champion Wild and Woolly Scramble winner

2000 Started performing Stunt Shows and freestyle around UK
2001 5th British Championship Airwars 1 Freestyle contest
Wild and Woolly Scramble winner
2002 3rd British Supercross Championship
Wild and Woolly Scramble winner
Wild and Woolly Scramble winner Appointed Chief Instructor
and Track Manager for Honda Off Road Experience
2004 Attempted World Record Long Distance Motorcycle Jump 260ft
2005 Wild and Woolly Scramble winner
2006 Wild and Woolly Scramble winner