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Fearless Frank "The New Mexico Kid" — United States

Frank was born in Bad Cannstadt West Germany, US Army base. He has lived all over the United States and overseas. He was raised in a military family with his father retiring at Holloman AFB, New Mexico. Frank started riding motorcycles at the age of 14. The New Mexico desert was perfect for riding motorcycles and he became proficient on the rough desert trails. The famed Evel Knievel's example intrigues him and Frank took a serious interest in what could be done with a motorcycle. Frank watched Evel's stunts and practiced trick riding with different motorcycles. As Frank grew so did his determination to become a motorcycle daredevil.

His classmates respectfully called him "Fearless" for his attitude and riding ability, thus the name "Fearless Frank". Frank's reputation as a motorcycle stunt rider grew and upon graduating from High School he was offered the opportunity to tour with Jose Canuc (a professional motorcycle jumper) of Hollywood Florida. Frank learned the art of long distant motorcycle jumping from Jose. They toured throughout the United States and Canada performing on weekends at speedways, drag strips and race tracks. Their specialty was using a two foot wide take off ramp with no landing ramp. On special occasions they would jump their speeding motorcycle over a row of full six cars and trucks and land on a two foot wide landing ramp. This is a very difficult stunt at 60-70 mph, lining up with a two foot ramp, landing on a two foot ramp and banking immediately left or right on the speedway to avoid crashing into the retaining wall. This type of motorcycle jump requires skill and precision because of the narrow take off ramp and landing ramp at a high rate of speed. This is much more dangerous that using a standard wide take off and landing ramp as there is no room for error. If you miss your mark you can count on a bone crushing landing.

It was very exciting to say the least and the fans were thrilled after every jump. As a professional motorcycle jumper "Fearless Frank" branched off with the Hurricane Hell Drivers of Tampa Florida. (They are a professional stunt organization). There he continued his stunts as a motorcycle jumper. He also rolled cars over from end to end. Fearless also did a stunt called the "slide for life". He would hold on to a strap attached to the back of an automobile, as the driver accelerated the car to a high rate of speed Fearless would lower himself to the ground and slide on his back behind the vehicle eventually sliding through a ring of fire. The crowds really enjoyed that stunt. Wheelies were always a crowd pleaser too, but he believes the jump itself is what had people holding their breath and on the edge of their seats.

After his tour with the Hurricane Hell drivers he branched off on his own and continued his success as "Fearless Frank" the New Mexico Kid. Gradually he left stunt work and began his career as a New Mexico Police Officer. (Another dangerous profession). He served 13 years as a street officer and is now a Specialist in Evidence and Fingerprinting with the Detective Division.

Frank's other interest include flying and Karate. His interest in the martial arts and the nunchaku inspired him to invent the "Glo-Chukª" He and his friend, Snesi Herman Luette III (former two time World Karate Fighting Champion) patented the lighted nunchaku, which was endorsed and sold by Century Martial Arts Inc. Frank still enjoys keeping in touch with his friends in the stunt business and he often receives offers to perform his former trade. He appreciates his loyal fans and is fascinated at the continued and renewed interest in motorcycle jumpers. Frank is impressed with the new technology on today's motorcycles, and he's not surprised to see the stunts being performed today.

Motorcycle jumping and stunts are considered an extreme sport with extreme dangers. He has had some serious and life threatening crashes. He does not endorse that you go out and try motorcycle jumping. He also advocates that you wear safety equipment, specifically a helmet. "Fearless Frank" states that he OWES his life to his helmets. His helmet sponsor was Shoei and Shoei is the helmet of his choice. He advocates "wear a helmet anytime you're on a motorcycle."

Frank Mackewich, Jr. AKA "Fearless Frank" has accomplished quite a few missions in his life through determination, faith in God and by striving to help those less fortunate than himself. He stays driven by these goals. Frank credits his success to his wife Lorraine and is most proud of his son Adam. Frank says of what he would most like to be remembered for is his integrity. Those that know him best describe him as "a man of his word".





"What ever your endeavors in life are, be FEARLESS in your believe of yourself. Stay positive! Never, never quit. Be honest, play fair and work hard. You WILL succeed."

Fearless Frank