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"Super Joe" Einhorn — United States

Joe Einhorn grew up and was raised in San Pablo, California. He was a son of a naval officer. "Super Joe's" daredevil career began when his sister bought him a little Honda for his 14th birthday. For a long time he wanted to be a professional baseball player then a professional motorcycle racer. Einhorn decided to try racing. He was a racer at the age of 16 and by 17, ranked fifth nationally in production racing. In 1970 he won every race he entered, but was broke. He also was married to a woman named Irene and they had a son named Eric and he also had two daughters Shasheen and Monica.

By the time he was 22, he was recently divorced and had two ill-fated careers as a motorcycle racer and salesman. Just to make enough money for lunch, Joe would perform stunts for his co-workers. After making jumps for his friends he would collect as much as $40 dollars. This sparked an idea in Joe's head, he can make money doing this stuff. So he decided to pursue a career in the world of stunt performing.

Joe became very successful at jumping motorcycles. He even challenged Evel Knievel to a jump off in Oakland, California for $25,000. The jump off would have started at 16 cars and the number would increase until someone crashed. Evel turned down Joe's offer.

(The above two photos are from Louis "Rocket" Re's collection.)

In San Jose, California in 1971, ABC's "Wild World of Sports" covered "Super Joe" jumping his Triumph 650 over 20 cars. This brought even more recognition to him. He crashed many times over his career as well, four of his crashes knocked him unconscious. Joe claimed through mind control he was able to shake the pain. He claimed He never felt pain. Einhorn gained lasting national prominence when he jumped a dozen cars at the Cow Palace in San Francisco. He had his take-off ramp under the stands where people were sitting. Just when he was taking off, someone spilled a soda on the ramp. He hit the ramp and the bike crossed up. He missed the landing ramp by 20 feet, landed and missed the safety hay bales and hit head on into the wall at 70 mph.

(The above two photos are from Louis "Rocket" Re's collection.)

"Super Joe's" second major crash a few months later was in the Spring of 1972. He was going to jump 14 trucks in Sacramento and he overshot the landing ramp and crashed front wheel down first and the wheel disintegrated. Joe did over 100 jumps between the years 1971-72 alone. He even jumped over 15 buses and slid down the landing ramp on his back and got up and walked away. "Super Joe's" parents did not like him jumping. According to Joe, his father was a daredevil, but he didn't want his only surviving son to have a daredevil's life.

When Joe Einhorn was 27 years old, he had already jumped farther than Evel Knievel. In December of 1975 he vowed he would jump Niagara Falls on a "real" motorcycle to out do Evel's Snake River Canyon jump attempt. Einhorn planned to take-off on his rocket bike from a quarter-mile long ramp built up on the roof of the Skylon Park Building on the Canadian side of the falls. If he had jumped, he would have flown well over 3,696 feet. almost three-quarters of a mile across the canyon, falls and river before landing at Goat Island on the American side. Joe's candy apple red cycle resembled an ordinary street chopper while Evel's looked more like a missile.

Ky Michaelson (the rocket man), who built the two-wheeled cycle said it was powered by a non-polluting hydrogen peroxide rocket. During test runs, the rocket bike actually flew and proved it's feasibility. But Joe never got to do his jump. 1976 was to be the year for Joe. That was the year he would jump Niagara Falls, but before the big jump, he had other jumps to do. Joe was doing a jump at the Santa Fe Speedway in Willow Springs, Illinois and had a terrible accident which left him with partial brain damage. After that horrible jump, Joe retired from the profession, never to jump again. Today he lives in the San Jose area of California.

Daredevil Doug Klang and Louis Re had the honor of hanging out with Super Joe Einhorn — September 2014.