Earnie Adams — United States

Earnie Adams hails from the state of Tennessee. Earnie got his first motorcycle in 1970. When he saw Evel's Caesars Palace jump, he got hooked on motorcycle jumping. He raced motorcycles for awhile, but in 1977 his did his first public jump over 10 cars.

His career has taken him all over the country and he even jumped in Japan. For awhile he took a break from the jumping world, but is now back jumping again! Looking forward to see what Earnie has in store for us in the years to come.

Earnie getting ready to jump 16, 17 and then 19 cars at the Ascot Speedway in Gardena, California in 1988 (Ascot Photos: Cyclejumpers.com)

Below: Earnie jumping 22 Cadillacs at the Sacramento Mle In Sacramento, California in 1988. He was 31 years old at the time of this jump.
(Photos: John Cowgill)

Earnie, his crew and his 1982 Honda CR480.