Earl Majors — United Kingdom

Earl Majors (Alan Garett) was a member of The Royal Artillery Motor Cycle Display Team (The Flying Gunners) in the early 1970s. His nickname was "Chopper". He got the name because the BSA 650 he owned had chopper bars and a high backrest.

After leaving the Army he performed with the Cyclomaniacs, the original stunt team where Eddie Kidd began his career. The above photos are of Earl leaping over 30 Lada cars. The jump took place on a Sunday at Carnaby Airfield in Bridlington. He attempted to jump 30 cars, but cleared 27. According to Bert Dearman who managed the Cyclomaniacs. He said Earl did not quite make the 30th car and crashed. He was injured but not badly. Above photos are from Chris Bromham's personal collection.

18 Cars — Essex, England

When Alan went solo, he used the name Earl Majors. When he was 26-years old, disaster came down with a shocking suddenness when he lost control of his motorcycle while attempting to jump over 18 cars. He came up short and bounced off the safety deck as he landed. He somersaulted through the air and slammed hard into the ground—with his bike on top of him. He died of multiple injuries. This jump took place at the Hannningfield Horse Show in Essex, England.