Dustin Rounds — Naples, Florida, United States

On Saturday May 29, 1993, Dustin Rounds (age 19) made his very first motorcycle jump. The jump took place at the Florida Sports Park in Naples. Originally Sky Lungston was to jump 26 cars at this location. During a practice jump with no cars, Sky broke his arm. Sky asked Dustin (a veteran of the park's Supercross track) if he was willing to stand in and make the jump for him and save the show. Dustin told him there was no way he had enough room or speed to clear 26 cars.

After making couple practice jumps, Dustin agreed to jump 21 cars which was enough to break Sky's record of 17 cars ramp-to-ground. Dustin successfully jumped 21 cars with room to spare. There were approximately 3000 spectators there to witness the jump. Dustin never jumped cars again.

Special thanks to Dustin Rounds for the photos and information.