Donny Winn — United States

Left: Jumping six cars at Little League Park in Spearman, Texas. Right: Jumping a line of vans and trucks.

Donny Winn of Lubbock Texas, started jumping motorcycles at the age of 18. He raced AMA flat track for many years, previously, he was racing in Lubbock, Texas on an indoor track that the Halpains were promoting. The Halpains had seen Donny jump at an enduro play day where he beat all competitors by quite a few feet. They approached Donny about doing a motorcycle jump.

Left: Donny flying over a long line of trucks. Right: Donny's famous one-leg wheel stand.

Soon, Donny agreed to jump the next month indoors over three vans. After that, he retired from racing and focused all his attention on motorcycle jumping. He had a very busy jumping schedule, but he loved it. Donny had the opportunity to work with some great people in the jumping and stunt business, Spanky Spangler, Bob Duffey, Big Ed Beckley to name a few.

Left: Donny at the Temple Race Track 1975 Right: Doing a speed run before his jump over eleven vehicles.

Donny performed with the Spinning Wheels with Bob Duffey. Bob and Donny would jump from opposite directions and crisscross in mid-air. After about 7 years of jumping, the Halpains sold Donny's contract to an ex-funny car driver named Charley Therwhanger and things really took off touring all over the United States. After 10 years of jumping, Donny decided to hang up his helmet and leathers.

Above: Donny attempted to jump across the Concho River in Texas, but things didn't work out as planned.

Above: Donny Winn's second attempt at jumping the Concho River on June 27, 1976.

Today, Donny is a VP of Service and Fleet at a large company and gets to travel to seven States for his job. He has been married for 20 plus years. His wife is a registered nurse. (She ended up talking him out of trying to do a reunion 10 van jump at a Lubbock car dealership in May of 2002.) Besides their current careers, Donny and his wife own a auto repair shop by the Cowboy Stadium in Irving, Texas. Donny had too much on the line to risk it making a comeback jump.

Donny would love to hear from all the people that he ran into over the years and to those whom he didn't. You can email him at

The middle photo is Donny winning a wheelie contest against a car in Washington, July 1977.

Left: Meeting Isaac Hay after a 13 car jump in Memphis, Tennessee. Right: Flying over 12 vans in Amarillo, Texas.

Donny Winn's grandson Logan when he was 19 months. Look out Cycle Jumpers!

Thanks Donny for the use of these photos!