Don LaTray — United States

Don LaTray is an American daredevil born October 5, 1954. He was the first stunt man to jump a motorcycle ramp-to-ramp over cars on ice. His first professional jump was at the snowmobile races in Ontario, Canada. He also performed for the Jack Kochman Hell Drivers from 1974-1980.

In 1976, Don jumped four elephants using an Harley-Davidson XR 750. At that time, only Don and Evel Knievel were jumping XR 750s.

Above: Don also jumped a Harley-Davidson XR 750. Here he is above riding a bike that once belonged to Evel Knievel.

Above: Don jumping in 1980. Below: Don doing a jump on ice!

Special thanks to Jim "Crash" Moreau and Don LaTray for the photo sources.