"I've been jumping for years and I've only broken my little finger. Every risk I take is calculated." — Chris Bromham


Gallery One

Chris Bromham – United Kingdom

Chris Bromham is a Welsh motorcycle jumper who is known internationally for his spectacular long distance jumps. He rode his first motorcycle at the age of five. He left school at 16 and soon afterwards his interest in motorcycle became serious. At 17, he discovered jumping.

In 1979, he jumped over 115 feet over fire at a show and in 1981, he leapt 28 cars before a crowd of 30,000. He has been a World Champion four times and the only motorcycle daredevil to have two entries in the Guinness Book of World Records. Chris has jumped 208 feet over 18 double-decker buses and 24s1 feet over 20 buses.

Left: Chris in action, 1980 Middle: Eddie Kidd and Chris in 1981.

Chris has performed a number of spectacular stunts for television and feature films in Hollywood and Britain, such as "Riding High", and "Prime Target", doubling for Tony Curtis and the top American television series "Street Hawk". Chris' motorcycle jumps have been seen on worldwide television, including ITN, BBC National, CBS America and Channel 7 Australia. In 1995 he had a ten minute feature on the "Big E" which was viewed all over Europe.

In 1996 he appeared on ITV's "You Bet", performing a breath taking challenge of jumping 70 cars, 10 at a time within two minutes. In 1997, Chris had a satellite link up to America, showing his world record attempt over 21 juggernauts. Today Chris has retired from motorcycle jumping. Congratulations Chris on an incredible career!

Chris on his Honda CR 500 flying over 21 juggernauts in Wales for a live satellite jump to the United States. The distance was 73.12 meters.

Left: Jumping over a line of trucks. Right: Jumping 20 trucks. (Photo: Gary Knott)

Jumping 32 cars — 1984

Jumping over 20 buses — 1986

Jumping eight cars ramp-to-ground. (Photo: Gary Knott)

Jumping at "American Adventure" in 1989.

Jumping 18 double-decker buses on his 495cc motorcycle before 20,000 people in 1988.

Left: 14 buses in 1988. Right: Attempting to jump a total of 70 cars on the "You Bet" television program.

Left: Chris on the "Street Hawk" motorcycle

Special thanks to Chris Bromham for the photos and information used on his section of Cycle Jumpers!