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Old Fort Harley-Davidson Jump September 14, 2013.

22 Car Jump
July 4, 2001

15 Bus Jump
December 18, 1999

The Bubba Blackwell Jumping Experience

Del Mar Fair 22 Car Jump — July 4, 2001

Bubba Blackwell came out to California to break Evel Knievel's car jumping record by attempting to jump 22 cars on his Harley-Davidson XR-750. Del Mar is a beautiful venue for a jump. The set-up was on the horse track next to the beautiful Pacific Ocean. Bubba's show was very top notch. He started out with a impressive entrance to the track with music and a laser show. He did wheelies and a speech and had the 35,000 people there ready for the big jump.

Everything was looking good, but one thing he didn't account for. The horse track was too soft, so when his thought he had the correct speed, he was actually a few mph too short due to the loss of traction. Bubba came up short and hit the edge of the safety deck. He somersaulted over the landing ramp and landed on his head. He suffered serious injuries, but had a miraculous recovery.

Years after this accident, Bubba didn't jump. But the jumping bug eventually bit him and he has gone on to make many successful jumps including jumping his Harley over two running helicopters in 2013. Now Bubba is ready to attempt 22 cars again and finish what he started to do. Stay tuned!

A couple of shots from the takeoff ramp and landing ramp looking across the 22 cars. | Bubba's crew finishing painting the landing ramp.

Left: His Harley he used for the jump. Right: The sign outside the fairgrounds.

Left: The set-up. Right: Bubba's trailer and bikes.

Left: Working on the take-off ramp. Right: Joe Byars (Death Riders), Louis "Rocket" Re, John of CycleJumpers and Bubba.

Bubba's entrance through the laser show.

One last look before the big attempt!

Jump started off OK, but it was clear he didn't have enough speed!

A week after the accident Bubba appeared on the "Today" show on NBC and he also did interviews with the press. In September of 2001, Bubba walked on to the Maury Povich show in NYC to do an interview. Bubba's first jump after the accident was on August 30, 2003.





Suit used for jump