Robbie Brasher — United States

Robbie Brasher is a motorcycle daredevil who hails from Mississippi.

November 2005, Robbie did a jump in Grenada, Mississippi to raise money for Hurricane Katrina victims. The distance was nine cars. The parking lot was too small to attempt 10. As with all of Robbie's jumps at that time, the wind messed with the bike in the air. The jump however came out alright.
Top left: Robbie waving the flag. Top right: Robbie's son Ryan jumping.

Special thanks to Robbie for the use of these photos!

Left: Robbie jumping two planes side-by-side. The jump took place July 9, 2005. Photos: Danny Paris. Right: Robbie jumping two trucks end-to-end in Ruleville, Mississippi on September 17, 2005. What was interesting about this jump was the take off ramp's flags were blowing one away and the landing ramp's flags were blowing another. It was a dicey jump. He was a little crossed up, but he gathered it in for the landing. Special thanks to Robbie for the use of these photos.

Robbie up in the air over the four vehicles. This jump took place April 27, 2002 at a Honda dealership.

Left: Before his 12 car jump on September 11, 2004. Right: Robbie and Ryan with Bubba Blackwell.