Bob Peet AKA Captain Stoopid – United States

Bob Peet (Captain Stoopid) was born April 5, 1961 in El Segundo, California. Bob started jumping his bicycle over things when he was just a "Little Stoopid". He set a record for jumping over 23 kids lying side-by-side on the ground... Unfortunately, there were 25 kids lying there!

At he age of 10, he got his first mini bike and rode it a total of 20 feet before hitting a telephone pole. But a good first effort just the same.

Bob started racing motorcycles at the age of 15 (At the time he was only a 2nd Lieutenant). He raced his first professional race at age 18. He set a record for being sent to the hospital three times the first two months he raced. However, he also set a track record at the St. Paul Civic Auditorium in 1982, thus being promote to 1st Lieutenant.

Stoopid then left the world of racing for stand up comedy. Using magic, music and fire he was soon an instant hit. Performing all over the country and opening for and sharing the stage with Robin Williams, Dennis Miller, Alice Cooper and Sam Kinison.

In 1992 the Captain decided to combine his two loves: Comedy and Motorcycle Jumping. Later that year Stooped attempted to jump 15 trucks... following in the usual style of his past racing career, he broke his back.

He continued jumping for a while and even added a new twist to his shows by landing with no hands on the handle bars! On October 28, 1999, he competed in a jump off at the Texas Motorspeedway. He placed 2nd with a jump over 7 trucks at a distance of 85ft. Bob eventually retired from jumping and now pastors a church in Arizona.

Captain Stoopid's Records

• In Most Cars Jumped With No Hands Landing!

• In Most Trucks Jumped With No Hands Landing!

• In Most Semi Trucks Jumped With No Hands Landing!

• In Most Golf Carts Jumped With No Hands Landing!

• In Most "Hooter Girls" Jumped With No Hands Landing!

• In Most Quad Runners Jumped With No Hands Landing!

• Only Person to Ever Go Through a Tunnel of Fire with No Hands!

• Placed 2nd in the World Motorcycle Jumping Federation Championship Jump Off – 1999!

• Fasted Speed Landing With No Hands - 53 MPH!

Special thanks to Bob Peet for sharing his photos and information on CycleJumpers!