Alain Prieur — France

16 Buses — Monthery, France — 1977

French stunt man Alain Prieur leaped over 16 buses in Monthery, France in 1977. It was declared a new distance record at 195 feet. Alain used a Yamaha 400 motocross bike.

At that time Bob Gill of St. Petersburg, Florida held the old record of 171 feet. Gill established the record in 1973 in Seattle, Washington. Gill's attempt at the 200 foot distance ended in tragedy in August of 1974 when he crashed attempting to jump the Appalachia Lake near Bruceton Mill, West Virginia.

The above photos are from Lee Sobol's collection.

13 Bus Jump and Crash — 1977

Alain used a Yamaha 400cc motocross bike for this 13 bus jump. Alain over jumped the landing ramp and completely missed it. Thanks to Lee Sobol for the 13 bus photos from his collection.

Airplane Jump

Prieur's perfect jump was performed with French Air force ace Col. Gregoire. Alain took off from the ramp just as Gregoire takes off from the ground!

Mountain Top Jump, Southern France

After racing off his take off ramp at 62 miles per hour. Alain (age 36 at the time) sailed out over the mountain almost a half-mile above the ground. He continued his free fall flight for another 500 feet then popped the parachute. This was called the "Fear against Glory" stunt.

Ski Jump — Olympique de St-Nizier — October, 9 1988

On October 9, 1988, Alain used a downhill ski jump to fly his motorcycle an incredible 276.57 feet. He still holds the ski jump distance world record after all these years. (Currently no photos on file of this jump).

Alain died in 1991 while doing a parachuting stunt. He will be greatly missed.




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